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Why are the words "zenith replica Cosmograph Oyster", which appear on these black dials, in a different sequence than the two-color white dials? It was generally believed that these dials were originally designed for pump-pusher watch, and specifically refs. 6262 & 6264. zenith replica still had some dials left due to their lack of success. The Paul Newman dials were to be discontinued shortly after the screw-pusher reference due to their poor performance. The 6263/65 model was introduced. There are very few screw-pusher Paul Newmans with black dials because the only version that was readily available to retailers and made in large quantities was the Panda-dial two-color version. Christie's claims that literature was distributed with the record-setting RCO Black-dial ref. A black Paul Newman dial screw-pusher was available only on special order for a limited time.tag heuer carrera day date replica This is why black dials are believed to only be found in watches with low serial numbers. They were probably created by retrofitting a black pump-pusher dial onto a screw-pusher timepiece.

zenith replica did have a problem. Due to the waterproof push-down screw-downs, the watchcase is now an Oyster. The dial did not feature the word "Oyster". Rolex, ever the pragmatics, simply took these dials to have the word "Oyster", printed directly beneath the word Cosmograph. This theory is supported by the fact that RCO dials look identical to three-color black pump-pusher dials in every way. The fact that "Oyster' is printed in an entirely different font, sans-serif, adds credence to this theory.

The much-discussed ROC dial. Paul Newman Daytona 6263.

What is a Mayer dial Daytona then? This is a screw-pusher Paul Newman Daytona in black with three colors. Under the crown, it has the words "zenith replica Oyster Cosmograph", in this order. These dials are in direct contradiction to the theory that Paul Newman's screw-pusher watch with a black dial was made using dials intended for pump-pushers. It would be impossible to add "Oyster", the second line, on the dial unless zenith replica painted over existing lines,Breitling Navitimer Replica then reprinted the three lines, as Christie's claims happened on at least one timepiece. Later, we'll talk more about this.

Mayer, however, was convinced that they were real. He was so convinced that he went on the Internet and declared their authenticity. In a still-existing post on vintage zenith replica forums he said