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John Mayer is here. Long time reader, first time poster. A few people can attest to my character on this forum...

Since a few weeks, I have been actively involved in the ROC PN discussion. I would like to share with you my opinions. Please forgive me for not adding it to the original post, but I didn't want this discussion to end.

First, let me say that we do not know for SURE that these watches are not counterfeit.Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica I am sure that I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that I hope they are. This would take away some of the most sought-after pieces.

Two things I would like to bring up. First, these dials probably aren't counterfeit. Second, it doesn’t matter whether they're fake or not.

I wish I knew why I believe these dials to be real. But only a dealer that owned one of these watches during the 1970s could confirm this. "The rest of us cannot either."

You can read the full post here and Mayer’s arguments in support of the ROC 3-color dials.

The ROC three-color had been the subject of much scrutiny before his post. The dials were originally called Texas-dial Daytonas in honor of the state in which they were purchased (apparently,Replica Breitling Chronomat Watches the dealer from Texas bought the watches in 1986 from another dealer). They are also distinguished by their flat seconds track and the unusual ROC placement on the dial. The dials were then known forever as Mayer-dial Daytonas. The offer was never taken up or if Mayer continued to purchase these watches. It is not known if anyone took Mayer up on his offer or if he continued to buy more of these watches. However, after John Mayer, in a response to his original post referred them as "Mayer dials", he wrote: "What's the selling price for these now-famous MAYER DIAL configurations? )"