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Let's just follow the logic for a moment. Someone decides to buy a screw-pusher Paul Newman Daytona with a black dial. He then talks to his retailer, who orders the watch from Rolex. replica breitling watches is a brand that has a reference. 6262 pump-pusher dial. They decide to convert this dial into a screw-pusher timepiece. Instead of adding "Oyster", below the word, "Cosmograph", at 12 o'clock,Patek Philippe Replica the usual method, they asked Singer to remove all the indices, and repaint it, making it one of only two black Paul Newman screw pusher dials without the word, "Daytona". Singer, who had printed all of the other dials, made the bizarre mistake of incorrectly ordering "Rolex", 'Oyster' and 'Cosmograph.

Christie's estimated that this Paul Newman Daytona would sell for between CHF350,000 and CHF500,000. It ended up selling at CHF461,000. This story is not intended to undermine the Paul Newman Daytona. It's only meant to help understand its logic. Here is a detailed dial analysis for the Black Ghost dial on the Vintage replica breitling watches Forum.

Christie's has listed the "Black ghost" ROC and Paul Newman Daytona.

Paul Newman Daytona, "Black ghost", ROC

Paul Newman Daytona dial "Black ghost", close-up.

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Christie's broke the record on 11 November 2013 by paying USD1,089 186 for an amazing 1969 RCO Paul Newman daytona ref. with a black dial and three colors. The watch, ref. 6263, had been lying inactive for many years inside a Swiss retailer's safe. This is why the guarantee dates back to the late 1970s. This watch has a font that is different from other watches. However, it is not related to its status as a Paul Newman Daytona. If you look at other black-dial RCO Paul Newman Daytonas the font is the same as that on most black pump-pusher Paul Newman Dials( ).