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Then he famously offered that he would buy any fake piece offered to him. "And again, anyone wanting to sell me one these watches can get rid of their fake pieces and make a killing with it." 55k for the steel and 75k for the gold. I will accept a letter as a dealer from you releasing you of any liability for having sold me a fake dial."

Mayer dial Daytonas became their forever name.Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Replica It is unknown if Mayer's offer was accepted or if Mayer continued to purchase these watches.

In 2010, Mayer sent a watch to zenith replica to be serviced, but was told that it "was not authentic in every respect". Although it wasn't explicitly stated, many assumed that this was his famous Mayer Daytona. Robert Maron was the watch dealer who sold him the piece. They apparently settled their dispute. In 2011, Mayer discovered that another watch Maron had sold him was inauthentic, both the bezel and dial. This is another Daytona with a Mayer dial. The company conducted a further investigation and confirmed that seven watches were sold to Mayer by Maron. Mayer then sued Maron for USD656,000 for the seven vintage zenith replica watch he claimed zenith replica had deemed to be inauthentic. The settlement of this lawsuit was also reached. Again, it was assumed the watches in question were Paul Newman Daytonas with Mayer dials.

Now, fast forward a few years. Vintage zenith replica lore has incorporated the controversy around the three-color ROC. Thanks to the vigilance and knowledge of the members of websites such as Vintage zenith replica Forum, zenith replica Forums and zenith replica Forums three-color ROC Paul Newman Daytonas have been quickly identified as replica watches The majority of these watches are now gone from Internet sales forums. Mayer has, with Ben Clymer and his excellent website, Hodinkee transformed himself into an expert on watches. He has even been given the honorof membership on the jury for the esteemed Grand Prixd'Horlogerie deGeneve. You are a great brother.