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"Dear users, bills from the current month (last account), can be paid electronically after the 5th of the month"!


The art competition organized in cooperation with the public utility companies (Berovo, Pehchevo, Kocani, Delchevo) where projects funded by the Swiss Government are implemented, within which the art competition "Saving and purifying water - was held to raise public awareness - we need it for the future ", announced the awarded drawings:

1. place drawing no. 8 code ТY95

2. place drawing no. 5 code 032007

3. place drawing no. 10 code No plastic

The award ceremony will take place today at 14:30, in front of the building of JPKR "Usluga" - Berovo.

World Water Day 22.03.2021

The Kocani Wastewater Treatment Project and the Delchevo Water Supply Improvement Project, both funded from the Swiss Government, within the planned activities for raising public awareness, organize an art competition on topic "We save and purify water - we need it for the future". The art competition is organized in cooperation with the Public Utilities companies where the two projects are implemented (Kocani, Vinica, Delchevo, Berovo and Pehchevo).



Dear users The utility invoices you receive for the last month will soon be available on the WEB page in the fast payment section, immediately after generating them in the system. If they are not yet available please understand and try again in a day.


Dear users, In the interest of your time, following the modern trends and keeping up with the times, we are very pleased to inform you that the electronic payment system on our website is already operational. You can safely use both payment methods 1. Fast payment (by entering the invoice number and your e-mail address) 2. By creating a user profile in the E-user menu. Carefully read the Site User Guide and pay your bills - safe - no commissions - without waiting in lines - wherever you are - in any part of the day and week.


PUC Usluga Berovo informs its valued customers that they will soon have the opportunity to start using the function for electronic payment of utility bills through our WEB page www.apjruskuga-berovo.com.mk Service users will be able to use two ways of electronic payment: 1. Fast payment with (by entering an invoice number and email address). 2. By creating a user profile in the E-user menu.